Employee Testimonials


Gulzar Sharif

Mr. Gulzar Sharif is the GM, STS Gems Thai LTD. He has been with STS for over 18 Years.


Jiraporn Promasaard

I joined STS back in 1994 and have enjoyed my time here since then. Open-minded workplace with a deep sense of humility and passion, Strong set of core values that promote a generally positive work atmosphere are the highlights of working at STS. The upper management is very mindful of long-term growth and development. Diversity is truly embraced and celebrated here.


Wilasinee Phongoen

I have joined STS in January 2013 and it has been an exciting time. One of the best reasons to work here is the culture. The team is amazing and they all go out of their way to ensure I feel like I belong. That I am part of the STS family. The office setup is so different and amazing. I would recommend STS to anyone who thrives on excitement and change. It is an amazing company to be a part of.

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