Global Operations

STS has an extensive Product Development team and infrastructure that is spread over New York, Bangkok, India and Hong Kong. The team at STS consists of visualizers, designers, CAD experts and rapid prototyping machines. This team forecasts the jewelry and fashion trends on one hand and keeps a tab on exciting gemstone finds on the other to present a vast range of new products to our customers.




INDIA The head office, as well as its main manufacturing facility, is in Jaipur, India, which employs approx. 1200 people.


STS handles the wholesale and sourcing operations of the Group. STS supplies fine jewelry and gemstones to the leading retail chains of the world. Came into existence in New York, the USA in June 1996, the company mainly handles the sales and distribution functions of the group. Its spacious facilities in the Long Island City presently houses the marketing, customer relationship, inventory, and shipping departments, manned by over 65 employees.

STS GEMS, Hong Kong & China

STS group was born in Hong Kong over 20 years back. It was the major operations center for color gemstones and is now performing a key role in the development of high-end jewelry for the group. STS Gems Hong Kong is using the capabilities of Hong Kong-based designers and the cost-efficiency of Chinese manufacturers for its special range of jewelry. Special work such as Opal Inlay is being carried out in Hong Kong.

STS GEMS, Thailand & Bali

STS Thailand handles the sourcing operations of the Group. Thailand is a hub for Plain Jewelry and stones such as ruby and sapphire. STS sources all these jewelry from Thailand. Apart from these, Artisan Crafted Jewelry of Thailand is also very famous and sourced from here.

Bali also manufacturing hub for plain jewelry.The world famous 'Bali Legacy' jewelry is also sourced from here.

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